August 24, 2023

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Webinar Invitation: Practical benefits of operational learning in health and safety by Brent Sutton

New Webinar – Safety Culture by guest speaker Fred Sherratt. Thursday 23rd May at 12pm to 1pm

Webinar Invitation: Contractor Safety Management – Sought after guest speaker: Sue Bottrell

Institute of Work and Safety International recognition for CHASNZ article.

Webinar Invitation: Work, Health and Wellbeing in the Construction Industry by Helen Lingard and Michelle Turner

Guide to site access requirements

Guide to Mobile Plant safety

Pregnancy in construction guide

Webinar Recording: The Importance Of Sleep In Injury Prevention

Webinar Invitation: The Importance Of Sleep In Injury Prevention

Webinar Recording: Lead On. – Let’s Talk About Our Frontline Leaders

TARMAC Pacific Conference

Webinar Invitation: What is LeadOn? Let’s talk about our frontline leaders!

Hand Symptoms Chart (Tagalog)

Electricians, Protect yourself from working at ground level

Flooerers, Protect yourself from working at ground level

Top 10 Tips For Creating A Good Working Environment At The Office

Top 10 Ways Managers Can Reduce Stress In The Office

How To Reduce Strain While Working At A Desk

Top 10 tips for concreters by concreters

How can we make the chaining of gear easier on our bodies? Toolbox Talk

Looking after our backs by getting work up off the ground – Toolbox Talk

How can we minimise the time spent on the back of the truck when handling? Toolbox Talk

Moving Short Items Toolbox Talk

E-Barrow Pilot Field Trial

Quick Assembly Thread

Guidance For Moving Scaffolding Safely

Lightweight Boots Pilot Study

Roofers, protect yourself from working at ground level

WSNH Equipment Trial – Plumbing

Paper Hanging Top 10 Tips

Rolling and Sanding Guidance

Identifying Risks as a team

Sort Your Building Site Using The 5S System

Safety Action Plan Template

Belts and Boots

Body Mapping

Early Reporting

Nordic Body Map

Three Ways To Make Work Easier

Effective Measures to Prevent Or Minimise Musculoskeletal Disorders In Residential Builders.

Hand-Transmitted Vibration Questionnaire

Hand Symptoms Chart

Webinar Recording: Work Should Not Hurt Our Scaffolders!

ConstructSafe Brochure

In-field Assessment

Supervisory Competency Framework

Specialist Trades and Occupations

Management Competency Framework

Professionally Qualified Occupations

Foundation H&S Knowledge Assessment

CONZTRUCT | Trade Show

NZCB | 23rd Conference and Expo

Pilot Study: Using an Exoskeleton to prevent musculoskeletal problems in roofers

Media Statement: Engineered Stone

WorkSafe | Hearing loss and noise levels in construction

WorkSafe | Managing work site traffic – Good practice guidelines

New research into suicide in the Construction Industry

Mobile Plant Safety Guide: Telehandlers

Master Painters | Painter & Decorator e-magazine V74 #5 | The Pain of Painting