CHASNZ | Mental Health in Construction | Information for managers in the construction industry

CHASNZ, with assistance from Dr. Kate Bryson and the Mental Health Foundation, has made available two new documents.

The first is a guide to Mental Health in Construction for Managers, a short document that talks about the why, what and how of mental health across the industry. This document can be shared across organisations to help support those who are supervising their teams better understand and help workers dealing with mental health issues.

CHASNZ has been working on a Mental Health in Construction Strategy. An initial workshop was held in Auckland on the 12th August with attendees from industry, the mental health sector and Government. There was wide agreement that a co-ordinated approach across our industry was needed to better understand the drivers of mental health for our people and to target the problems and opportunities that will have the most benefit.

If you require any bulk printed copies of the documents or would like your company logos added to the documents, CHASNZ can arrange this.

Contact us for printing costs and access to the source documents.If you would like to be involved or have more questions about CHASNZ work in mental health, please get in touch.

View the Information for Managers in the Construction Industry document here.