Client Leadership Self Assessment Tool – Beta Version

Welcome to the Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) Client Leadership Assessment Tool.

The intent of the tool is to provide an objective standard measure of how clients (buyers) of construction services can play an influential role in the health and safety of the construction supply chain.

The tool should be used to record the results of clients assessing their own organisation from a client leadership perspective.

The tool identifies areas of strength and weakness for client organisations to focus on how they can improve the health and safety environment and performance of the construction projects undertaken on their behalf.

This is a beta version of the tool which is published for early feedback from clients. It is expected that the tool will be regularly updated and improved upon based on client and other feedback.

Future versions of the tool may include an updated technology base if funding becomes available to do so.

The tool may be completed in one sitting or section by section by assessment teams. The best way of filling the tool out would be to work with a representative cross section of the client’s organisation (including contractors and designers if possible) with one person completing the assessment. There is an accompanying Powerpoint version of the assessment which should be available to all cross functional team members during the assessment meeting.

It is intended that once a number of organisations complete the tool that benchmarks can be established which show comparibility to the wider client group. It is also intended to identify case studies of enhancing behaviour from clients once these are identified through use of the tool.

Parts of the spreadsheet are locked down and macros will need to be enabled for the tool to work. The only area for data capture should be the Assessment Tab. Results are included on the Dashboard tab.

All intellectual property rights to this tool are held by CHASNZ. This tool is copyright property of CHASNZ and cannot be reproduced or altered without the explicit permission of CHASNZ.