Creating a more competent workforce and in turn driving a more efficient industry

In the same way that a drivers licence proves the competency of a driver, ConstructSafe proves the health and safety competency of our workforce. It provides assurance that every worker onsite understands the same things, in order to carry out their jobs safely.

ConstructSafe creates a more competent workforce with the confidence in their capability to do their jobs safely.

A genuine first for New Zealand, ConstructSafe is providing consistent health and safety competency standards for Construction. Because ConstructSafe is developed and owned by industry, it is creating a more competent workforce and in turn driving a more efficient industry.

What is ConstructSafe?

The Foundation Health & Safety Assessment is the minimum required knowledge of construction health & safety. It takes 30mins and consists of questions related to basic health and safety and is designed for EVERYONE working on a construction site. Questions are also in audio to help eliminate language barriers.

Specialist Trades and Occupation Assessments are also available; excavator, roller, paver, supervisors and many more.

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How is industry utilising the ConstructSafe scheme?

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Rick Herd

CEO, Naylor Love

Rick Herd, CEO of Naylor Love, tells us why ConstructSafe is at the leading edge of construction industry standards.