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How much does an assessment cost?

ConstructSafe receives $60 for every Knowledge Assessment completed (with the exception of free Foundation Knowledge Assessment re-tests).

Our Assessment Providers charge something on top of the $60 to cover their own cost etc and pricing varies from provider to provider, so shop around (approximate range $90-$140).

Preparing your people for a ConstructSafe knowledge assessment


Knowledge Assessments are challenging; they have been designed that way on purpose. Your people must be adequately prepared!


Encourage your people to read through their training material prior to their assessment. Some employers run a specific session before the assessment to help with the preparation.


It is essential that you find a training programme that aligns with the assessment your people are taking.


There must be no negative stigma associated with not being successful with the assessments. Each candidate receives a personal feedback report; ensure your people receive adequate coaching and learning before they repeat an assessment to maximise their chances of success.

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