Building Frontline Leaders for Safer Work

A CHASNZ initiative

Our frontline leaders are the first line of protection and a last line of defence on our worksites.

CHASNZ is working with industry to develop our frontline leaders to build the capacity and capabilities needed to lead the safe execution of work.

The Lead On. programme supports and recognises the key role our frontline leaders have in making a difference on how work is done and provides a framework for supervisors to develop leadership skills and capability for more effective on-site safety management.

We’re looking for 30 frontline supervisors for our February 2024 intake.

Applications close on the 15th of December for a February 2024 intake.

Register Your Frontline Leaders

Work with us to develop leaders in safety and nominate your frontline supervisors who have a passion and enthusiasm for their work and their crews, who are keen to develop their leadership and operational skills, to make work better for all on our construction sites.

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Work with us to develop your leadership capability and join a community of frontline leaders across the construction sector.