Master Painters | Painter & Decorator e-magazine V74 #5 | The Pain of Painting

Part 1, The Pain of Painting | Musculoskeletal Problems in the Industry

With all of our commitments to health and safety, it may be easy to lose sight of an age old problem that’s been with our industry for hundreds of years. In 1700 Ramazzini, one of the founders of Ergonomics described strains and sprains in Painters and recommended:

“whenever occasion offers, we must advise men employed in the standing trades to interrupt when they can that too prolonged posture by sitting or walking about or exercising the body in some way” [Bernardino Ramazzini, 1700]

Fast forward 300 years and his recommendation has stood the test of time but it looks like we need to do more to prevent more than 1000 Painters receiving work related strains and sprains each year. Many of these claims result in lost time and some in a total change of career yet all will cause stress and misery.