Safety Alert: SH22 Injury

On the 25th June during a semi static operation on SH22 a sub-contracted worker was hit in alive lane by a vehicle being driven by a member of the public. 

After returning from a break the worker was dropped off to theworksite by the AWVMS vehicle. The AWVMS vehicle then continued past theworksite and after turning around positioned the AWVMS vehicle on the oppositeside of the road in the advance warning position for the worksite. 

After a short period of time at the worksite, the worker who hadbeen dropped off to the site, moved out of the shoulder worksite and across thelive lanes towards the parked AWVMS vehicle that had dropped him off. As hemoved across the road at approximately 2.00pm he was struck by a vehicletravelling in the lane closest to the worksite. The police attended the sceneand the injured worker was taken to hospital by ambulance. ASM teams were atsite to support the sub-contractors and traffic control for the event. 

The event was notified to Worksafe by the sub-contractor and theASM on the 25/06/2020.