Why register with Tōtika?

It’s free and will only take 2-3 minutes of your time

Reduce your pre-qualification burden down to a single Tōtika endorsed approach that you choose

Obtain pre-qualified status with many clients/buyers across NZ

How does it work?

Tōtika is an ‘umbrella’ scheme; we have independently approved NZ’s major pre-qualification assessment providers to provide a central contractor/supplier register

We also recognise major certification and assessment schemes as an alternative to pre-qualification assessment

What do I do next?

Click here to sign up for free

Work out which Supplier category you are

Fill in your dashboard with your company details

Complete and upload proof of a Tōtika-recognised assessment to your dashboard

What assessments do we recognise?

  • Tōtika prequalification assessments from our four member schemes
  • Non-Tōtika prequalification assessments from our four member schemes completed before the 1st of September 2021. Note: these assessments will only provide a ‘Developing’ grading.
  • ISO 45001 certifications accredited by an IAF Accreditation Body Member
  • SafePlus onsite assessments and Q-Safe assessments (dependent on your supplier category)
  • Plus more! Please see our Scheme rules for more information on which assessments we recognise.