Webinar Recording: Exoskeletons for injury prevention – Findings from the roofing industry

Last week our panel got together to record  “Exoskeletons for injury prevention – Findings from the roofing industry” – a webinar discussing our exoskeleton pilot trial which we conducted last year, in collaboration with RANZ.

This small-scale workplace pilot trialled the Exxovantage HAPO back exoskeleton as an ergonomic design intervention for its potential to reduce the adverse effects of prolonged stooping postures when roofing.

Three roofers trialled the exoskeleton at various building sites and on different pitched roofs over a one-week period. Despite the small sample size, results showed substantial physiological improvements from wearing the exoskeleton. The participants agreed to varying levels that the exoskeleton reduced fatigue, musculoskeletal discomfort, pain, and injury.

Our panelists discussed the trial and how it was conducted, findings, next steps and commonly asked questions.

Download the webinar below.


// Chris Polaczuk (CHASNZ)
Kate Poole (CHASNZ)
Arnaud Daurat (Exxovantage)
Kelly Dale (Healthy Lifestyle NZ)
Paul Stanley-Boden (Red & Black Roofing Co Ltd.)

// Acknowledgements

Thank you to the trial coordinators – Chris Polaczuk and Kate Poole from CHASNZ.

This research trial was made possible with the support of Arnaud Daurat from Exxovantage, Dr Kelly Dale from Healthy Lifestyle NZ, Jenny Maxwell, the HSE Manager at CS Roofing Canterbury, and Paul Stanley-Boden from Red & Black Roofing Co Ltd.

We especially want to thank the three Roofers willing to participate in this trial. We hope this trial will help make a difference in the aches and pains prevalent in the industry.