A Catalyst For Change

CHASNZ, guiding our people and places in a different way to create better work, better lives and a better future.

What we stand for

Better work, better lives and a better future.

Our Vision is to shift health and safety in the construction industry from inconsistent compliance to consistent competence, and to have healthy and safe workers as a natural outcome of good work.

The work we do

Rethinking injury prevention powered by a human approach.

Delivering consistency of health and safety standards in the construction industry.

Work Should Not Hurt

The Work Should Not Hurt programme aims to make sure tradespeople can enjoy long, pain free careers and retire when they want to and not when forced to due to injury.


Pre-qualification and assessment of health and safety is an important part of the procurement process. Before Tōtika, there was no common standard for pre-qualification resulting in many proprietary and internal pre-qualification schemes.

Lead On.

CHASNZ is working with industry to develop a safety in leadership programme to build the capacity and capabilities our frontline need to lead the safe execution of work.


ConstructSafe is providing consistent health and safety competency standards for Construction. Because ConstructSafe is developed and owned by industry, it is creating a more competent workforce and in turn driving a more efficient industry.

2022 trends in health and safety and why we are rethinking injury prevention.

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A national reach

The construction industry has 250,000 workers who make up the sector. At CHASNZ we maintain a national reach, from high rise construction to laying the foundations of the milking shed. This is how we are achieving our goal to raise the standard of health and safety culture and performance across the construction industry in New Zealand.