Energy Wheel

What is the Energy Wheel?

The Energy Wheel is a simple tool that we can use when talking about hazards on site that has the potential to dramatically increase their identification.

It is estimated that up to 30% more hazards have been identified by those using it.

The Energy Wheel is a simple diagram that shows ten different types of energy. Each type of energy can be associated with many of the different hazards found on a building site. It makes hazard identification easier and more accurate so that those supervising and working on site can come up with better ways of dealing with
the hazard.

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Energy wheel art and science

The Energy Wheel Art and Science

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A big thank you and credit goes to our good friend Dr Matt Hallowell, who led the research. Dr Hallowell heads up the Construction Safety Research Association based out of the University of Colorado in the USA and continues to ensure good, practical research is done to improve the safety of the work we do.