Energy Wheel

The Energy Wheel S.T.C.K.Y: Guide to High Energy Hazards  

The energy wheel is a simple tool used to help improve hazard recognition and to assist the identification of ‘Stuff That Can Kill You’ (S.T.C.K.Y). 
If you can see more hazards, then you can avoid or work safely around them. Remember a hazard is something that has the potential to hurt you. The energy wheel runs through ten different categories of energy and describes potential ‘high’ energy hazards, direct controls, and supporting controls associated with each hazard.

Please be sure to check out and download the below content/assets we’ve developed for your workplace to support your health and safety needs. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our Energy Wheel tool.

Hazard Sticker

Hard Hat Sticker

Pocket Guide

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The Energy Wheel Art and Science

A big thank you and credit goes to our good friend Dr Matt Hallowell, who led the research. Dr Hallowell heads up the Construction Safety Research Association based out of the University of Colorado in the USA and continues to ensure good, practical research is done to improve the safety of the work we do.