Safety Culture: Measuring the Unmeasurable

Webinar completed on Thursday 23rd May 2024.

Dr. Fred Sherratt has over ten years’ construction industry field experience, as well as over ten years’ experience in academia. A Chartered Builder and Chartered Building Engineer, she is currently Associate Director of Research at the Construction Safety Research Alliance. Fred’s research has always prioritised construction workers with a focus on their occupational safety, health and wellbeing.

Safety culture is one of the most provocative topics in the profession. But what is safety culture exactly? With seemingly endless definitions, proprietary assessment tools, and maturity models, the field of safety culture has become confusing and controversial.

During the webinar Fred will provide some insights into what Safety Culture is and isn’t, the potential dimensions of safety culture that we can observe and those we can’t. There will also be ideas about how we might at least pay attention to the right things to help us learn and improve.

Fred will demystify the concept of Safety Culture through her unique recipe for Spaghetti and Meatballs, as well as providing practical considerations for those tasked with the management of Safety Culture in the field.

// Jon Harper-Slade, GM Health and Safety Innovation – CHASNZ

// Fred Sherratt, Associate Director of Research – The Construction Safety Research Alliance



Contractor Safety Management

Please see below for webinar recordings.
Webinar completed on 24th April 2024.

We are thrilled to bring you our next webinar on Contractor Safety Management. We’ve been able to secure a very sought-after speaker, Sue Bottrell who has worked in health, safety and worker’s compensation rehabilitation for the past 20 years.

Sue Bottrell is a practicing lawyer in safety and is a leading legal expert in the management of contractor safety. She was the first safety professional in Australia to become a Certified Chartered Generalist OHS Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety.

During the webinar Sue will discuss the purpose of prequalification, whether we are trying to make it do more than it can and how to draft an effective one. She will also discuss the vexed question of the collection of documentation during prequalification.

Sue has developed The Four Pillars of Modern Contractor Safety Management that ensures.

  • Effective and efficient prequalification
  • Informed onboarding
  • Meaningful assurance
  • Diligent performance review

CHASNZ have been focusing over the last 5 years to positively influence ‘effective and efficient prequalification’ through Tōtika – our industry cross-recognition scheme for H&S prequalification and we are delighted Sue’s ‘Four Pillars’ align so well with our aim to declutter H&S prequalification, reducing costs and effort impacts for contractors across industry.

Our webinar calendar this year is packed with highly skilled guest-speakers and we are incredibly fortunate to have Sue Bottrell presenting in our first webinar for 2024. 

// Jon Harper-Slade GM Health and Safety Innovation – CHASNZ

// Sue Bottrell – ContractorSAFE Director